Jasmin Z. Profile Thumb

Jasmin Z.

10 days ago

Lived here 3 years. Love proximity to campus. Hate when the elevators are down. Always have a weird smell in my apartment since I moved in (3) years ago!

Leylah S. Profile Thumb

Leylah S.

19 days ago

I love signature so much! I am so glad that I renewed my lease and will be living her again this school year! Maintenance requests are completed quickly and the staff is always polite and friendly!

Teresa M. Profile Thumb

Teresa M.

25 days ago

The stay has been enjoyable and there have been no major problems. Sometimes when the trash backs up there is a strong smell but besides that no complaints

Kyndall E. Profile Thumb

Kyndall E.

1 month ago

I really enjoy living at Signature1909! I love that this apartment includes so many great amenities, and how it is walking distance to campus!

Brendan P. Profile Thumb

Brendan P.

2 months ago

It was okay, it was convenient, and maybe the fact that it was a pandemic soured the experience, but it was simply average in my opinion. There’s nothing I would complain about excessively except for trash room maintenance on my floor. It piled up all the time and constantly caused gnats in our apartment.

Eleanor L. Profile Thumb

Eleanor L.

2 months ago

Love Signature 1909 and all of its amenities and resident events. I am glad that the pool area is open later now, however, none of the residents are able to even use the pool because it is always dirty. I have been living here since August and have never once seen the pool in clean condition. The pool was one of the main reasons I signed so I am a little disappointed my roommates and I cannot go. I also do not understand why there is no guest parking except on the street, and why we pay for a "green fee" when the recycling bin is rarely in the trash room. I have talked to several other residents who have the same complaints. Not trying to be rude or picky, but I should not have to go to a different apartment complex every time I want to use the pool I pay for